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Appropriate Technology

We can help you evaluate and apply technology that meets your needs.  Sometimes that involves state-of-the-art innovation; sometimes it means implementing a tried and true solution that works for you, or even

working with your existing systems and procedures to uncover flaws and weaknesses, implementing the adjustments required to make them work. 

We do not sell equipment or contract services, and have no vested interest in any particular technology. Our only job is to make the most appropriate technology work for you.

Cost Analysis and Resource Tracking

For over 25 years, TeleReports, Inc. has provided services for tracking and allocating resource usage - particularly communications and other shared technologies - with timely and efficient reporting and analysis.

Accounting Systems and Services

We have a wide variety of clients, large and small, for whom we have implemented systems and procedures to manage traditional and specialized accounting needs.


Organizational Development

Every organization runs into walls now and then. Often these involve people, communications, and organizational structure, not just technology.

Adding new technology to a system that doesn't work may allow you to do things faster, but it won't make a failing system work right.

With decades of experience and education, we can offer a broad, independent perspective that can help improve the people system along with the computer system.

By breaking down some of the walls and building some new bridges, we can help to develop a blend of technology and organization that works for you!


Timothy C. Jenks, MBA, Ph.D.

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Comins, MI  48619
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Ann E. Kuipers

1342 Sigsbee
Grand Rapids, MI  49506
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